Nevertheless this season's developments have made Batum more trade-able than he was for the last two years. The answer isn't an automatic "no" anymore.
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The Blazers don't look as dimly on Batum's season or place as the folks in the general public who would like to trade him. He's young, he's cheap, he defends, the Blazers are rightfully wary of injuries and concerned about depth, and at certain moments the guy looks transcendent...every bit as good as some stars in this league
Ok so Batum may not be as untouchable as in the past. If Portland is targeting Kemba Walker as stated in the Tribune:
According to a league source, Portland would like to get into the top seven to be in position to take Connecticut point guard Kemba Walker. That might mean packaging veteran point guard Andre Miller and the No. 21 pick for another teamís player along with a top-seven pick

Teams in the top 7 with picks where Kemba might be picked: Toronto, Washington, Sacramento. It would take trading a lot more to get 1-3 and no use since Kemba would be available beyond those 3 picks in all likelihood.