In an interview with Bob McCown two days ago Colangelo mentioned that while everyone respects Jay in the organization, some of the players in their exit interviews voiced displeasure... Or at least that was what was implied when Colangelo referred to exit interviews with the players in this interview. Colangelo never comes out and directly said the negatives, he always pussy foots around it enough so that you can put two and two together.

Colangelo went on to say that the players respected Jay and listened to Jay but the guy could not get them to execute and he never held them accountable.

Source: Fan 590

I think some of the players didn't respect him. One prime example of a lack of respect by some of the players and then a lack of accountability on Jay's behalf was Julian Wright. When the kid refused to sub in he should have collected dust for the rest of the season. That guy is lucky to be in the league and he goes and pulls something like that? And what does Jay do? Hardly anything.