If you're like me, everyday you bust out the sports section of the paper, and you fish through to find the latest Raptors news (Leafs come second). There were three times that I read breaking news in the paper and I was genuinely filled with hope for a better future in Raptorland.

1. The Jermaine O'Neal front page of the Toronto sun. It made complete sense to me and I thought for sure it would work.. We went on to beat Cleveland in our season opener which only heightened my excitement.

2. The TJ Ford signing. Everyone was high on him when he came and I really believed he was the point guard that would put us over the top.

3. The draft lottery win. I was more excited reading the paper when there was a big picture of Colangelo holding the number one ball than I was when Bargnani was on the cover. I thought for sure we'd find a superstar to put beside Bosh.

I just figure, with all the crap that we're going through these days I'd look back on some of the big headlines that gave me hope. There are sure to be more headlines this year and I'm looking forward to them.

*Note* My memories are from the Bosh era because I was pretty young in the VC and pre-VC eras and didn't read the paper much..