I could not believe this.

Brian in Mankato, MN:
Bill - I am really worried Kahn is going to screw things up even worse than the Wolves already are. Are you hearing anything on the draft? Potential trades? They need a 2 guard, so I really wish they would make a play for Mayo. Thanks!

Bill Ingram:
I understand your concern, but I have it on good authority that a two-guard is the #1 priority this summer. Honestly, I'm waiting for the press conference about Rambis being fired . . .when a team is as good on paper and as bad in the standings as the Wolves were last season, something has to give. They're offering up the #2 pick in an effort to grab a true shooting guard, and I've heard the player they have targeted is DeRozan.

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or this:

Drew in Minny:
If you are tpups now that you have Rubio what do you do with #2? Trade if so for who? or take Williams or Kanter? Also what happens if Williams goes 1 and Irving falls to 2?

Bill Ingram:
Irving won't fall. Bank on that. And the Wolves don't need Kanter or Williams. They trade the #2 for a shooting guard. Think DeRozan.

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Personally, I call b.s.

Rubio and DeMar in the backcourt would be one of the worst distance shooting pairings of all time.

With DeMar's potential just scratching the surface and the amount of work already put in to him, I would not entertain such thoughts for an unknown commodity in the draft (Williams or Kanter).

What do you think?