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    Default Trade Proposal...Complicated

    To Golden State - Andrea Bargnani, Sonny Weems

    To Hornets - Amir Johnson (3.9 EC), Antoine Wright (1.8 EC), Speedy Claxton (5.2 EC), Demar DeRozen, Jose Calderon, Anthony Randolph, Rasho (1.9 EC)

    To Toronto - Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovich, Ronny Turiaf

    Why Golden State does this Trade - Legitimate shoot first centre, who can play beside Biedrins. Bargnani would realize his potential in an uptempo Don Nelson system. Get rid of Turiaf's contract.

    Why New Orleans - They save a boatload of money from expiring contracts (almost 12 mill). They get some good young prospects in Anthony Randolph and Demar as well as a replacement PG in Jose. Not to mention dumping a bad contract in Peja. Peja can be substituted for Posey, Songaila and Peterson if we include Belinelli. Saving them even more money over the long run. Or Okafor if they want to get rid of him instead. Really it's whatever contracts they would like to get out from under the most.

    Why Toronto - Landing Chris Paul will ensure Bosh sticking around to see it out. It absolutely guts our team and we are paying a premium on getting Paul but Bosh and Paul should make us significantly competitive and we would still have some cap space in the summer of 2011-2012.

    This scenario might be far fetched. I think the only question mark really is Golden State and if they want to invest in Bargnani. This is also assuming New Orleans holds some what of a fire sale for Paul.
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