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Agreed he would offset Dre's limitations on that end of the court but don't we already have Ed who is capable of doing this? Without any clear cut C's in the draft outside of Jonas (and is a project) I'm hoping the Raps go PG and SF in the draft if they manage to get a 2nd pick.
+1 I'd rather go with PG and SF then C. But I'm not a scout and I might be to risk averse.

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Height matters very little. What matters most is length and strength, and Biyombo has more than enough of those. Ben Wallace is shorter than Biyombo and won the Defensive Player of the Year award something like 4 times. I have some questions about Biyombo, but whether he's big enough to play the position isn't one of them.
just out of curiosity what are those questions and if you were a GM where would you take Biyombo?