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I see what you're saying but first of all the difference between the 40 million I say we owe next year and the 45 million you say we have committed next year are the qualifying offers for julian wright and joey dorsey which we do not have to commit to, thats how I understand it atleast. SO if I understand it correctly means we will have 18 million enough to sign a max salary guy.
The math here hurts my head. Did you even try to add up the salaries? Half a minute of plugging the numbers in a calculator would have shown your understanding to be incorrect.

Assuming the players win the CBA negotiations completely by keeping everything the same, this is what we would have for next year:


Of course, I don't expect the players to win without conceding anything, so the number will probably be smaller. Probably ~$5 mil even without the #5's contract, if not less.

I'm also really wondering who you're considering to be a "max salary guy" for us to sign. You should check the list of 2011 free agents. Caron Butler?

Please don't mention Chicago as an example. Our young guys are nowhere near the level of theirs. DeRozan and Davis are nice prospects, but they're no Rose and Noah.