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Thread: Crazy talk about Bosh returning

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    Default Crazy talk about Bosh returning

    Might be funny or crazy talk for others, but i thought id just throw it out there.....coz im bored, hehehe.

    If the Heat are willing to take on Bargnani and Calderon, would you be willing to accept Bosh in return?

    Of course other players need to be thrown in to make the salaries work, but what im trying to get at is since most of us are eager to send Bargnani and Calderon packing, are you willing to trade them at the expense of reacquiring Bosh, of course, instantly making him again the face of the franchise and eventually rebuilding around him.

    It might be a possibility, since i read an article (sorry cant remember where, might be realgm) that sources said Riley may be open to dealing Bosh if they dont win the championship.....

    Your thoughts....
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