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Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo has come of scouts players in camp in Treviso. Tomorrow, he returns to Toronto to begin interviews for the vacant post of coach of the Raptors.

He agreed to answer our questions about the camp in Treviso, his search for a coach and the future of his assistant Maurizio Gherardini.

What is your opinion after that first day in Treviso?
I never talk about specific players that I have scouter. Generally I can say that there was a lot of interesting young players. We came here because the game has gone global and it is a good opportunity to come see the best prospects in Europe. 20% of NBA players come from overseas so I think it's a good thing to come here.

There are many French people in this camp ...
France has many talents, and it seems that this is now one of the best countries in the youth training with Spain. It is necessarily obliged to come to scout players at Treviso.

To return to the Raptors, what happens there with Leandro Barbosa?
I know he intends to test the free agent market or eventually return to Brazil. For now, I do not know of any that I have not yet had his agent. But at the same time, he tests the market, there will still be in a position to sign over several years. Anyway, it's one of my favorite players.

Where are you searching for a coach?
We're still working on it. I return tomorrow in Toronto. I have several interviews scheduled this week but I can not say more for now.

Would you continue the adventure with Maurizio Gherardini (assistant GM) is out of contract?
Maurizio is one of the most important of our staff. There are many things going in the direction, but we must sit around a table and see what it is for the future.