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Thread: Raps and Lakers

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    Default Raps and Lakers

    First off, This trade will not happen, I am not even sure I would want it to happen, however I thoguht it was an interesting scenario.

    We also get there 2012 first rounder (or any other first rounder they have next year)

    Walton is overpaid and doesnt do much. I think Klieza even when injured has more value, and this may be a good place to dump him (if that is our plan).
    Jose wants to play for the lakers (who doesnt)
    Hopefully Barnes can mentor jjohnson?
    We get rid of Calderons contract and can draft a pg to take his place
    We also get another young player in ebanks

    Any thoughts?

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    You are correct it won't happen. Forget the part that both Kleiza and Ebanks are injured and are likely untradeable for the foreseeable future, the Lakers won't trade away 3/4s of their SFs when the only one left is Artest! They brought in more 3's simply so they had depth and Kobe didn't have to play the position just to keep them in games.

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    so... lakers will add on more payroll onto their roster after this trade??

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