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I agree about patience and building a team, and I agree his contract wouldn't allow much flexibility, and I also think that Chandler will sign somewhere else. I'm simply putting it out there that I think his presence on the court could add a huge boost defensively and even a little offensively. If we could get Sammy D at a hometown discount I'd be all over that. I'm an optimistic raptor fan and I think in a few years they could be a very solid team, but I think the philosophy of the team needs to change. If you have a vocal leader like Tyson(JJ Barea was quoted as saying he was there "KG") I believe it could put us in the right direction. I don't know enough about Kanter to comment, but I've never been a fan of European or just international centers to begin with. From what people say it seems like he could do it all, but they key word is could. I just think the market for solid defensive Cs is huge and there are not enough of them to go around, so I would love to snatch one if i could. I just have memories of Saer Sene being drafted for the Sonics (they also drafted Johan Petro) and had two other Euro big men on their team that did nothing at all and never panned out to be anything. Chandler's age doesn't necessarily scare me either.
You don't need to be a European big to be a bust in the NBA. I'm not in agreement on anything European related in the post. All draft picks are to some extent a gamble minus legit franchise talent.

I'm in agreement the team needs some solid defensive bigs and vocal leadership.

I hear where you are coming from on Chandler - obviously we have a difference of opinion. I'm all for agreeing to disagree.