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Thread: Howard Reiterates Desire To Stay In Orlando, Says He'll Opt Out After Next Season

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    Default Howard Reiterates Desire To Stay In Orlando, Says He'll Opt Out After Next Season

    Dwight Howard made it clear he is not happy with the collective personality of Orlando's roster and that changes need to be made. The same message, he said, was delivered to owner Rich DeVos and CEO Bob Vander Weide in a meeting last week that included Howard sharing thoughts on everything from personnel to fan involvement and arena atmosphere at home games.

    "I want to win a championship," the All-Star center said. "I think the owners have to really know that. That's been my goal and my mission since I've been in the NBA -- to win a championship. I don't have side goals or agendas. My main goal is to win a championship. I want to have 14 other guys who feel the same way."

    Asked if the Magic have that now, he said, "It's off and on. Sometimes guys are there whole-heartedly and then sometimes I've had teammates allow people getting in their ears and things like that effect the way that they play and approach the game."

    Howard said he did not tell DeVos and Vander Weide specific roster moves he wanted to see.

    "I just told them, 'We've got to have guys who are going to play hard 48 minutes and who are going to battle the other team, who are going to fight night in and night out for a championship,' " he said.

    The Magic have a two-year extension on the table, the longest deal they can offer under the Collective Bargaining Agreement that expires June 30. Howard made it clear Monday, though, that he will become a free agent and not sign an extension.

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    He's basically set it up like LeBron did where it doesn't matter what the team does next year, if they don't win the title he'll use it as an excuse to do what he really(rumored) wants, leave. Let's face it, it's going to take more than one year to get that team to where Dwight says he wants it. I think this is all to help make his final year as comfortable as possible.

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