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I'm being realistic. There's a difference. I like DeRozan, but at this point in his development, I think he'd be lucky to become an All-Star. Davis, I think, is the type of player that usually ends up with a Championship by the end of his career, but he's never going to be a top player in the league. And Bargnani, well, I think you know my opinion of Bargnani. I also like Amir and see him as being a good rotation player on a Championship team. That's 3 good pieces, but the Raptors roster is a ways off from having the enough to start thinking about contending. The first and possibly even second best player on a potential Raptor contender are still missing from the team. With Dirk, Dallas is a mediocre team, at best. And right now the Raptors have no one who can become even close to the player Dirk is.
Like I said, I like to be as optimistic as possible, maybe to the point where I'm delusional. I really do think Demar has the potential to be the best shooting guard in the league after Kobe is retired, maybe I'm crazy but if he adds the three and defense to his current game I don't think it's rediculous. Next season will be big for him as I think he is going to be our #1 option, so we'll see if he puts it together. I agree about Ed, he does seem like the kind of guy that sort of puts you over the top, but he is still one of those players who is a starter on a champion. Eveyone else on the team is probably not really champion material but I think it's a little early to make a decision about players like Bayless and James Johnson who may still be able to get to the next level. We are one great player away from being a contender in my opinion, one elite center or point guard and we'll be there in a few years.