First off I am bored to death by the lack of news around the league. I hope something erupts before the draft starts because I'm going crazy.

Now, I am thinking about what we have on this team. If Dwayne Casey is given the job in Toronto then I think he can make this a very good defensive squad. Jerryd Bayless is willing to pressure people, Barbosa is as fast as lightning, DeMar is athletic and should be able to hold his own, James Johnson is big and quick, Ed Davis and Amir Johnson are both big bodies that can block shots. Casey should be able to make these guys plays some tough defense. As for Bargs and Calderon, well it won't be flawless but they will be held more accountable defensively. that can only be a positive because we've seen streaks of defense from both of them.

Anyway, this post doesn't really have a whole lot of substance to it, I just watched some Raptor video today and couldn't help but think that we could have a much better defensive team next year without a lot of player turnover.