1. Kanter 2. Kemba 3. Kahwi 4. Knight 5. Probably Valanciunas.

The toughest for me is the fifth. If we're drafting a big I want a Center not a PF. That is also why
I feel the best for the Raps would be to avoid the two Euro bigs (even though I rank Kanter and Valanciunas
high) and select between Walker and Knight. Personally I pick Kemba.

This is a smart, articulate man, who has graduated from a tough school in 3 years... His only knock
was his lack of height which has been exaggerated. People say he's a shoot first pg, but his first
two years at UCONN contradict that. He may have the least question marks of anyone in this draft.
He has no issues with turnovers, or playing a new position, or a high foul rate or any of the other
issues the other four players on my list have.

If they draft him there are no more leadership questions on this team. And with such a potentially
young team that may have more value than the high quality of his play.