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If you're thinking what I'm thinking, I believe that the fascination with Biyombo is to pair him with Bargs so that he gets his rebounding and shot-blocking mule beside him. I don't buy that AB should move to the 4-spot and displacing the future development of Amir and Ed. At the 5th spot, it's the best player that needs to be drafted. Biyombo is not a lottery pick. Never.

BTW, Bismack had a one-on-one workout with himself in front of league execs and scouts and lost. What does that tell you about an undersized center? Yes, I've heard about the Ben Wallace comparisons but he truly has little to offer in terms of the full package (including a decent post game). I would even go as far as saying that I prefer Faried over him. The Raps cannot afford to accommodate Bargs yet again in this upcoming draft.
1) He can play backup C, at least until we can get rid of Bargs or do something with him.
2) The 1 on 1 drill was pretty much all jump shooting/offense which we already knew he was terrible at. You can't evaluate him on a 1 on 1 workout, that's not his style, he can't do the things he's great at like block shots, rebound, pick and roll or put backs.
3) He is far from undersized. He has a bigger standing reach than vast majority of the starting Cs in the league and he's 250LB not 215 like Ed. On top of that he's VERY explosive.