Wright is not a skilled offensive player... but that hardly means he has no offensive skills. He is a good ball handler and a great passer for his position. The only thing he lacks is a jump shot... while that is a hinderence, it doesn't mean he's useless out there. He plays within himself, as his 50% fg shows. No one is calling him a superstar. No one is saying he is great. No one is saying he is anything more than a role player. But he is is for damn sure better than Kleiza and Weems.

Considering the Raps were the worst defensive team in the league, I don't see how putting out a guy every game who is actually good at defense is a problem. There was no shortage of offense out there. There was a severe shortage of defense.

Quixotic - you are very much twisting my words with regards to Barbossa.

I also find interesting....

"but it's no different when a player relies on his one strength, whether offense or defense, and doesn't work on the other"

You are now talking about nearly the entire Raps roster. So what makes Wright so much different?