Do we really need someone like Biyomba though? The guy can't play a lick of offense. He's the anti-Bargs. It's like getting a much younger version of Reggie who doesn't have his IQ yet. When Reggie is on the floor its like playing 4 on 5. It would be nice to get Biyomba but only if we can get him as a second pick since he would be like an 8th or 9th option. And on this team, you need someone who can be a starter or at least a first or second bench option.

I'd rather resign Reggie for cheap, and use him instead of Biyomba (for some veteran presence). Then go for someone like Walker/Leonard or Val. Assuming Kanter is off the table. I say no to Knight. I just don't have the same faith in him that a lot of other people do.