I guess we've bounced this idea a bit further, but I think we need to examine a bit more closely. The only thing preventing this team from getting to the second round is a SG who can either score and defend. I believe that if we get to the second round, Bosh will certainly stay. How do we make this happen?

I think the answer is getting Andre Igoudala. I just don't see how Orlando or the Celtics match up with us. Igoudala will lock down their best perimeter player, and they simply have no answer for Chris Bosh on the other end (even if KG returns, he won't be healthy enough to guard Bosh successfully.) I'm less confident in speaking about the Hawks and Cavs, since I've not watched their games enough. But please feel free to chip in on how we'd match up with them after the trade.

Now, regarding the logistics of the trade, I don't even know if Philly will accept DDR+expirings for Iggy. But let is suppose for a second they would... do you think the Raptors would be willing to pull the trigger on such a deal? Iggy's contract is only at 12 million this year, but increases rapidly. But if getting an impact player like him is what it takes to get the second round and keep Bosh, then I think it is well worth it. Thoughts?