We already know the Phoenix Suns won't be trading Steve Nash. President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said so in no uncertain terms.
So there it is, story over. Steve Nash is not being traded and Steve Nash agreed...except he sort of opened the door just a tad. Uh oh.
Meanwhile, Nash was having a "global chat" of a press conference in advance of his charity soccer game in New York today when he received a question about whether he would want to play for Toronto..

"This is a tough question for me," Nash said. "When you're in a situation (where) you've given a lot of you career to one franchise, you feel at home there. I feel a loyalty to my team, our community in Phoenix. I want us to try to get back and try to compete for a championship like we did two seasons ago so that's kind of all I think about. So I don't plan on leaving but obviously if the opportunity were ever there, where Phoenix were rebuilding or whatever happens, Toronto would be an amazing place to play. It's a great city. It'd be at home in Canada. To be a part of their, hopefully, future success would be great but I don't really have any plans other than try to get our team back in the playoffs and contend for a championship."

Rule number one is never trust what a GM tells you immediately before the draft. They're all jockeying for position, trying to gain leverage and covering their asses in case deals that leak don't go through.