So slow day at work, thought I could make it more fun checking the trade machine and came up with this sort of trade:
Toronto gets: McGrady, Scola and Ariza
Houston gets: Bosh, Turkoglu and Banks
Let's say that this is doable only if Colangelo knows for sure that Bosh wants out 'cos he's a great player and blah blah blah.
But if we are in that situation, we would do it 'cos we would get rid of Turk contract (and why not? Banks too) and we would get in exchange a quality SF much better suited to us and to Calderon's style (who could return safely in the starting lineup). Ariza is signed for 4 years at a very reasonable contract unlike Turk. We would also get a gritty and undevalued PF in Scola to make up for Bosh. He is a RFA at the end of the year, so we would have to do all we can to keep him with us for the future. Last, but not least, we would have Tracy back. If he's back in full shape well he's one of the best underachivers in the history of the game, but still one of the best. His huge contract expires at the end of the year, so we could either try to resign him with a downsized contract, or, if he doesn't work, we let him walk and play DeMar and use MLE (we should still be above the cap) to sign a backup SG.
That would give us a lineup of:
If you ask me this is a second round team at least.
Why Houston does it? Well they get rid of Tracy and they get something in return for him (well a lot not only something). They know that the only way to improve their roster is via trade. They have no cap space available at the end of the season if they resign Landry and rest, so if they want to add a top tier player they have to trade for him. They would have a star in Bosh to be coupled with Ming. They could also be interested in Turk, since they would want to contend straight away and Turk in the right system is a hell of a contributor and I feel that along Ming and Battier and coached by Adelman Turk would be in the right system.
Any thoughts?