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I don't understand your argument. I can understand wondering whether Valanciunass will be able to rebound and defend at the same level as he does in Europe, but to wonder whether he's like Bargnani on defense and the boards doesn't make sense. You just have to watch him for a minute to realize he's nothing like Bargnani, in this respect. He has an interest in rebounding and defense, which Bargnani never has. Bargnani's lack of defense and rebounding were an issue when he was drafted, so it's not like they came out afterwards.

And one never knows if a player's skills will be able to translate to the NBA. Will Biyombo's? Or Knight's? Who knows. The things that work in Valanciunas' favour are that he has shown a lot of improvement over the last few years, he's a VERY hard worker, he's mobile, he hustles and he isn't afraid to do the dirty work. There's ALWAYS a place in the league for guys like that. Especially if they're 7 feet.
And to Matt52 aswell:

Maybe my statement needss to be read again or rephrased "(and when I say 'like' its relative because I don't think I've ever seen a starting C that was so disinterested in playing D or rebounding in my life)" Maybe the choice of words is poor... but when I say "like Bargnani" I mean poorly. Not "like Bargnani" because he will stand there like a rock picking his ass.