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There's no doubt that the kid is talented. Just take a look at his high school and college pedigree. But there's much more to being a good player in the NBA than just possessing the physical tools, especially at the PG spot. He'll get plenty of opportunities this season because his poor behavior can fall through the cracks on a lottery bound team with not much talent, but I wouldn't appoint him out point guard for the next 7 years just yet. He's got to prove something to me this year.
I completely agree with that statement. We saw last season tha the has the ability to be a very good player. But it is now up to him to prove that he can be that good player consistalntly. That is exactly why I think this season( the hell if there is one) is very important for Bayless. He deserves the chance to prove what he can do. I believe he earned that chance. It is very premature to say he is the future PG now.