"I try to do my best, but I'm limited," Turkoglu said. "I just run on the side and expect them to just pass it to me. When for the past three years (in Orlando) I've been a point guard, too, leading the team and making decisions. ... I'm not happy how I play right now, but because of the situation, I'm limited."
"It's not like I'm (criticizing) the guys or the system or anything," he said. "In this situation, I can just do this, and I am trying to do my best."
"Does he want (the ball) more? Yes. Does everybody? Yes," Triano said Monday night
"A lot of us have had different roles prior to coming here. I think we've all had to adjust," said Jack, the point guard, when asked about Turkoglu's comments. "I don't know if you can just say, `This is how it was in Orlando.' Bottom line is, we're not in Orlando. I'm not trying to bash anybody, but I can't be like ... `When I was (in college) at Georgia Tech ...'"
"We probably just need to talk about it, see where he can get the ball, spots where he can be aggressive," said Bosh. "Once we talk about it, it'll help him out."