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You're not going to build a winning culture by avoiding talent. Every team needs good veteran players, even rebuilding teams. Chandler is only 28 years old. He could be part of a long term plan.
Fully agree.

I'm not sure where this "winning now is bad" mentality came from. Even if you don't plan on 'winning', you should ALWAYS instill an attitude and persona that winning is the goal. When the Raptors were their best, we had ALOT of vets, and we traded young guys to get them. Having Willis, Oakley, Curry etc. on the team did far more for us than any coach we've ever hired.

You NEED to have players that will hold everyone accountable, and for the most part, young guys don't take that on in an effective and positive way. Chandler would bring accountability to the roster unlike any we've seen in a VERY long time.

That's why I supported bringing on Matt Barnes last year. And trading for Diaw and Chandler. You can never start to early in creating a winning culture. Even if you're not actually winning.