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Thread: Drafting non-americans as a strategy for long term success

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    LOL, what are you on?

    Both Bosh and Carter resigned with Toronto. Shaq asked for a trade, as did Kobe what does that say about the Lakers?

    kids these days...

    (Let me guess, you are from Toronto but you are young and have an inferiority complex. You are embarrassed by your parents and think your friends are the coolest people in your life. You stood in line for an iphone.)

    Bosh is a half paid coat tail rider. Vince's career, was mute after his trade... I don't know what to tell you dude, find some pride. Bosh or Carter will never have the same popularity they had here, EVER. No one cares about Miami, in Miami. (you could of taken a nice nap in their arena during the playoffs and you would not have missed a minute of sleep)
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