I don't understand what 80% of you complain so much about this pick ... it is BY FAR the best pick we could have made.

Why draft another point guard that is a Bayless clone ... give Bayless a real chance to prove something this year. Calderon contract is running down and will be great trade bait going forward (talk all the shit you want about him he is a top 20 point guard in the league).

SG: We have DeRozan no upgrade is needed

SF: We have Johnson ... I am cool with this. He is still young and always brings it.

PF: We have Bargs, Davis, and Amir ... we get one more year to see what Bargs can do. If he improves his rebounding (and I think he will) we keep him, if not we trade him for a decent return.

C: We have Alabi (for now, I think we will add a mid range center). Alabi has never had a shot to prove anything. He should get his shot this year. If he is decent awsome we now have a backup. If not we will have Valanciunas. This guy is no Barg ... he has balls. Plus with the lockout next year he could still have a full year to improve and put on some weight.

So brakedown:
-Young PG, SG, SF, PF and C will have a shot to prove who has it and who should be traded.
-Calderon contract becomes better trade bait as time goes on.
-If Barbosa comes back he will be a great trade asset.
-We get one more year to decide which one of the 3 PF get traded.
-We get to see how much better our defence can get with the right coach.
-We will have cap space, assets, and a more developed core for Valanciunas.
-We will get another top 5 pick.
-If we have no season Valanciunas will be one of the few rookies to actually play and imporve.

80% of the NBA will wish they have our team in 2 years. All of you giving BC shit right now will be on your knees in 2 years thanking him.

I'd rather have another year like last then draft Walker or Knight who will get us a worse draft pick and still get us nowhere.

PG: Bayless
SG: DeRozan
SF: Johnson (Possible top pick next year to improve)
PF: Barg, Johnson, or Davis
C: Valanciunas

That is a team I can't wait to watch.