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    I also think there is some un-proportionate elevation of certain players that never where able to play full seasons. Cough, cough, Garbajosa. The NBA is a hard league, its not for everyone. Many will get injured trying to meet its demands. I could probably play 15 games too before someone twists my ankle.

    So a lot of fans, take the praise in perspective and adjust it. Personally I was never a garbo fan. He did not honour his contract and played for foolish pride while he was injured.

    So sorry if, I take time to vomit, when I hear him placed on a pedestal.

    So I feel sympathetic for the part of our fanbase, that just does not want to hear the BS anymore, or tunes it out completely due to what has happened in the past.
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    Quote enlightenment wrote: View Post
    I think people just have a hard time becoming fans of european draft picks because of how little we actually know about them. I think europeans ARE more likely to be busts, but I say that because of how GM's get to interact with them. Here in the NCAA most of our draft picks get solid minutes in a semi-professional basketball court, where as Jonas (as an example) got 14 mins and played 7 real games in his league. I think there are a lot of differences to look at between euros and americans that is beyond race and more an issue of basketball environment and publicity
    Everything I would like to say you said.

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