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Thread: Anyone concerned that these guys can't get along? Would trading Jose make that worse?

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    Default Anyone concerned that these guys can't get along? Would trading Jose make that worse?

    *Would trading Jose "make" that (our chemistry) worse?

    It seems like we are seeing in the media far too many instances where players, out of frustration, communicate their thoughts to the public, as opposed to behind closed doors.

    It isn't that Turk is wrong in his assessment. It isn't that Wright was wrong in his. It is that these players need to communicate this to the coach and to the players. And it does not seem like they are comfortable doing so. I mean, it is hard on Turk, to constantly be told that he is a major part why the Raps have lost consecutively as of late, and not have a real response to that. However, telling the media that you are unhappy is not a good way to go about it.

    I have serious concerns about chemistry on this team. If we ship out Jose and keep Turk will that keep the rest of the team happy? As far as I can tell everyone likes Jose, CB4 is comfortable with him out there. His defence is a problem given the makeup of our team, but he seems to effectively straddle the lines of communication between all players (subjective assessment, of course). And trades affect team chemistry also.

    That said, if we trade Jose to help Turk, maybe it plants the suggestion that whining to the media means you get what you want. I just don't know - but all of these chemistry issues need to be sorted out before BC goes around trying to make major changes.
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