Is it time?

To put Jose Calderon back in the Raptors starting lineup that is.

Itís been four games, two wins and two losses, since he returned last week in Orlando and there is no question heís playing well.

He looks 100 per cent, is shooting 14-for-26 from the field with 20 assist in those four games, heís getting to the rim on offence easily, heís playing about 23 minutes a game and his defence, well, Iím not going to talk about his defence because itís not as bad as you think but you wonít believe me.

Now, I donít know if Jay shares this opinion, but I think the offence runs better with Calderon at the helm, heís better at pick and roll and Calderonís a better spot up shooter (no small fact when you consider the needs of Hedo Turkoglu to have the ball a bit more often.

With two days of practice and a shootaround before the Knicks game, I donít know that thereís going to be a better time to get him some work with the first unit, get Jarrett Jack back working with the Young Guns and make the switch.

So, yes.

Itís time.

I'm not sure I agree with Doug Smith. What are your guys thoughts on this?