There are changes coming to the Raptors front office, even if some familiar names will remain.

Maurizio Gherardini, currently the teamís senior vice-president of basketball operations, and Jim Kelly, the teamís senior director of scouting, have had their contracts extended through the 2011-12 season.

But their duties could very well change.

President and general manager Bryan Colangelo has expressed the desire to restructure the teamís hierarchy and the job descriptions of Gherardini and Kelly are expected to change ó perhaps dramatically ó when Colangelo finishes his housecleaning.

The president has said he wants to bring in a new face to the front office in some senior capacity, perhaps with the title of general manager, and that search continues.

What it will mean for Gherardini, who joined the team in 2006 after an illustrious career as a European basketball executive, and Kelly, who has been with the franchise in some capacity since 1994, will likely not be determined until after any new hire is made.

Gherardini, however, is likely to remain as the managing director of Canada Basketball, regardless of any change in his Raptors status.

The well-respected 55-year-old has helped re-establish Canada as a significant country in global basketball through an array of contacts that have helped the organization get significant exhibition games and some players land jobs in Europe.

Kelly has served in a variety of capacities since joining the franchise the year before it began playing. The native of Southern California was one of the first hires of then-president Isiah Thomas and has served as a talent evaluator ever since.