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This is total subjective speculation on my part so please take it for what it is worth. With that said....

Could a lost season be in the Raptors best interests long term?

From the no side, NO because:

1) our young players are not getting an opportunity to continue to develop against NBA game competition,
2) the team is not developing chemistry,
3) I am a huge fan and want to see games.
4) the Raptors might get knocked down in whatever lottery system is developed to replace the regular season.

From the yes side, YES because:

1) JV will be in Europe playing next season anyways,
2) the Raptors will most likely get another high draft pick in a stacked draft,
3) they will have more financial flexibility regardless of the new CBA,
4) the longer the lockout the greater the odds of the Raptors not getting Boshed or Cartered in the future,
5) It will give players an opportunity to focus on their fundamental skills (for example, shooting for DeMar) and physical development (for example, increase build for ED).

If you have any other arguments for or against, add them below.