I'm more than happy to agree to disagree with you on this one.

Only Bautista knows how he became the most feared slugger since Barry Bonds
He just broke an All-Star Game record that had stood for 17 years. Thats not just 'recognizing a good season'.
Making the All Star is recognizing a good season, fine, I agree with that.
Getting more votes than ANYONE ELSE IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL, is a bit more than that.

And like I said, I believe its just your opinion to say that if "Jose isn't making Endorsement money, then he's not being Recognized".
There are far more indications of ones Individual drawing power, than whether or not they are making Ads for Ford or Juicy Fruit.

He is given a Standing Ovation at, more or less, EVERY away stadium they play at.
The fans outside of Canada and Latin America are aware of what this guy is doing.