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Thread: For how long do you think Dwayne Casey will be the coach of the Raptors?

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    Quote tbihis wrote: View Post
    ...and "predicting" JV will play only 15-20mpg and will only be as good as a slightly better Biedrins when you havent even seen him play one single NBA game.
    I didn't address this part. First of all, at what point did I say that Valanciunas would only be as good as a slightly better Biedrins? Please point to the comment because I'd love to see it. I was EXTREMELY happy the Raptors ended up drafting him and have been one of the bigger boosters for him. Especially after watching him play in the U19s. I've talked about him being similar to Joakim Noah, except better offensively.

    And I said that I thought Valanciunas would probably only play 15-20 mpg IN HIS ROOKIE SEASON mostly due to him adjusting to the speed and strength of NBA players and the way NBA games are officiated. I figured he'll have a similar year as Amir did in his first year with the Raptors, where he averaged 17 mpg.

    And I'm basing my predictions on actually watching him play and knowing the history of players like that who move to the NBA. You want to predict Casey's tenure based on literally nothing. We have absolutely no idea how good a head coach he'll be, how successful the team will be, what players the team will acquire in the next year or two, and without knowing those variables, it's a ridiculous exercise to try and predict. It's like trying to predict the weather without knowing what time of year it is, what the weather was like previously and what part of the world you are in. It's pointless.
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    I agree with Tim on the MPG. Just look back at recent rookies past in Toronto even. DeRozan and Davis were both brought along slowly. In fact most rookies are brought along slowly in the NBA. If Bargnani, Davis and Johnson are still here (all under contract for 2012) then it's not like they're in dire need to force feed him minutes he may not be ready for straight out of the gate.

    It's far more simplistic to predict MPG of a rookie on a team that you know like the back of your hand than a coach's lifespan on that same team. It's like comparing a needed decision that has ten variables to one that has 100.

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    Quote raptorsking wrote: View Post
    he coached the timber puppies i believe.
    I should have specified that he hasn't coached a game yet with the Raptors.

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