Pretty sad actually... These were our 8 picks

#8- Rafael Araujo
Was there really any doubt? Araujo was taken with the 8th pick in the 2004 draft with players like Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith on the board. Yeah, really not a very good pick.

#7- Michael Bradley
Bradley had a solid career lined up, but injuries took a toll on game and he was never the same. He was picked 17th in the 2001 draft so the Raps werenít expecting a star anyway.

#6- Joey Graham
Graham was pretty much the only player received from the Vince Carter trade, but he didnít fill Carterís shoes very well. He was picked 16th back in 2005, and Danny Granger was picked 17th. Ouch.

#5- Charlie Villanueva
Charlie V has had a decent career so far, but not 7th pick worthy. He had a very solid rookie season with Toronto, and then was traded to the Bucks for TJ Ford. Not a bad pick here.

#4- Andrea Bargnani
I donít think it is safe to say that Andrea Bargnani is a bust quite yet, but he certainly hasnít lived up to his first overall selection status. Bargnani has shown that he can be a very good offensive player, but his effort defensively and on the glass just isnít good enough. Still, I can see where Colangelo was coming from with the pick.

#3- Ed Davis
Ed Davis could end up much higher on this list down the road, but for now weíll leave him here. Davis was a top 5 talent coming into the draft, but slipped because of his injuries. Davis was definitely a steal at 13, and an awesome pick by BC.

#2- DeMar DeRozan
Right now, DeMar DeRozan is looking like a future all-star. When you are getting that out of the 9th overall pick, you know you have struck gold.

#1- Chris Bosh
Like it or not Raptors fans, Chris Bosh has been the Raps best draft selection this past decade. Bosh was the only real star the Raptors have had in the past 10 years, and drafting him at the #4 slot was pretty much a no brainer for the team.

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