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The thing I hate about articles like this one, is that facts/viewpoints constantly change. For example, until everybody found out that Roy's knees were shot, there were growing hysterics about why the Raptors picked Bargnani over Roy. Today it's another player that the Raptors should have picked... if Rondo develops chronic injuries or the Celtics big-3's decline continues, there'll be another "shoulda, coulda, woulda" player de jour... Plus, considering a Raptors team without Bosh is a further unfair use of hindsight...

For me, the 2006 draft came down to a choice between Bargnani and Roy. Roy was the superior wing player, with both skills and ceiling expected to exceed both Gay and Foye. Aldridge was the superior big, but the Raptors had been chastised in the past for drafting backup PF with high draft picks (Charlie V, anybody?) to play behind Bosh, so he was all but out.

I think it came down to supply & demand; there are a lot more athletic wing players available via trade, free agency and drafting, than there are Nowitski clones... as Bargnani was being touted back then, given his size and skill set. Very few players are drafted with a look at defense over offense, so it really shouldn't be that much of a surprise that 5 years later, Bargnani is an offensively skilled big with significant defensive/rebounding deficiencies.

The only legit "do over" scenario I could believe is the drafting of Roy, but look where that would have taken the team! It is totally unfair to say the Raptors should have drafted Gay/Foye over Roy, unless you magically knew his knees were going to give out. It's just as unfair to say the Raptors should have drafted Aldridge, unless you magically knew Bosh would leave the team four seasons later! And players like Rondo, who slide past every team and weren't a legit discussion for the top pick at the time, is complete unrealistic 20/20 hindsight (without even taking into account the fact that I personally think Rondo is extremely overrated).
This is how I remember it. 2006 just wasn't a good draft year to have the #1 pick. Thank vishnu we didn't get adam. And even if we did draft Rondo, there is no saying he would develop the same as he did in Boston playing with 3 hall of fame players. Maybe looking back at 2011, we will be the envy of the league for drafting JV in another weak draft.