I'm thinking about doing some of these for most of the roster, assuming you guys enjoy it. Hell even if you don't I may anyways. (Athough I'm debating bothering with Andrea as I doubt there is anything about him that hasn't been covered about him and it will likely end up in the 'everything Andrea' thread anyways... but I guess if Matt52's goal is 10,000 posts and 250k views one of these could only help)

The Facts

Age 22
Height 6'10
Weight 215

Min 24:36 Pts 7.7 Rbs 7.1 FG% 57.6 FT% 55.5 Ast 0.6 Turn 0.7 Stl 0.6 Blks 1

Per 36 Pts 11.4 Rbs 10.5 Ast 0.9 Turn 1 Stl 0.9 Blks 1.5

WP 6.1 PER 15.83 Reb% 17.1

The Opinion

While his season numbers were fairly pedestrian for the NBA, I thought Ed Davis has been the most promising rookie since Vince Carter. Now I imagine I'll hear some flack for that ("what! Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani, Demar Derozan") but I think Ed was the first player this team has drafted that has shown he can be a capable defender, rebounder and offensive player, for his position, in a long time. Yes he has some work to do and he will likely never be a stud player, but I think he has the tools to be that high quality all around big man this team has been lacking and every team can use. The kid missed both training camp and the first 17 games of the season which easily set him back early (no all-rookie team? defeinetely deserved). However as the season progressed he came on quite nicely. While his Per 36 numbers are good (although not great) for a rookie, his actual number for all games where he played over 30 minutes are as follows (17 games total)

GS 12 Min 35 Pts 13.5 Reb 10.1 FG% 60.8 Ft% 55.5 (avg 3.7 a game) Ast 1.2 Turn 1.2 Stls 1 Blks 1.4

which is right near, or above a projected per 36 average. Now that may not mean alot to some, but to me it shows he can keep up (and exceed) his efficiency and play even when he is given full time duties.

I also wanted to add that considering he was drafted 13th overrall, its tough to complain about the pick.


Size - 215lbs ain't gonna cut it.

Offense - limited. Right now he gets a lot of 'garbage' buckets. There's nothing wrong with that, but he should/needs to add a reliable mid range jumper (which he's already shown he's not afraid to take) and a post up game

Experience - he's a rookie after all


Effort - I wasn't really sure how to add this one, and I'm not sure it even belongs. But there were some rumblings, prior to the draft, that brought his comittment into question. I can't speak for what goes on in practice or off the court in general, but there seemed to be very little problems with this on the floor and few complaints since the draft. He will likely never be a high energy player like Amir, and I will say I'd like to see a little more in the take charges, chasing loose balls, hard fouls etc. area from him, but he doesn't seem to be that lazy player (Jalen Rose, Andrea Bargnani) or head case (Tyrus Thomas, Demarcus Cousins) some ballers show. However IF (and I want to emphasize IF) it is an issue, well thats not leading to a promising future.

Knee - I'd be lieing if I said his knee surguery wasn't in the back of my mind. It really didn't seem to have an impact on him, and he didn't have any reoccuring problems which is great. But knee surguery and big men don't always lead to good things in the long run.


Efficiency - I'm not sure this needs much explaining. Nearly 60% fg, 17% rebounding rate and 1.5 blks, 1 steal, 1 turnover (per 36) are all very nice numbers in all aspects of the game

Defense - I'll admit that, like a night with Salma Hayek, I may be premature. But I liked what I saw. Not that he had an immediate impact on defense (few rookies do), I can't even claim to say he was good defender this year (few rookies are), but I can say I think he showed signs of being a very good, if not excellent, defender as he matures. Give him some time and experience (and add a few pounds) and I think you can expect good things from him here.

Played his game - I probably could have talked about this in efficiency, but I liked that he didn't try to do to much. He did what he was good at. He didn't try to dribble the ball but always gave it up. He didn't make fancy or risky passes. He didn't try to shoot from 20ft. Would go straight back up on a rebound or pass back out. In general he didn't look lost or out of place out there. Can you remember once thinking "Ed. What the f*ck were you thinking"? I can't.

His weakness aren't weak - that is, the thing I don't mind about his weaknesses is they are the same things almost every rookie big man has when they come into the NBA. They are also some of the easiest things to improve upon with some time and effort. As long as he is willing to put the work in he should have no problem adding a jump shot and a post game. I am a little concerned regarding his size (but I always am with young bigs) as not all are able to add that bulk/strength that they need at the NBA level.

Assuming he does maintain a solid level of effort, I don't see why he can't turn out to be a player with very few weaknesses and no major flaws in his game. Which may seem simple, but really is not that common.


Top End - I've heard people say Jermaine O'Neal and Al Horford. I don't think he can be classified in the Center category, so I'm not sure O'Neal (as a legit 7fter) fits. I'll put Al Horford here, but I'm doubting Ed will ever have his complete offensive game (ie. Horford has everything you can want from a big offensively, and a phenomenal passing game which I don't think Ed will ever have)

Bottom End - I'm gonna throw in Udonis Haslem. That is a 10-8 guy who will always get minutes. Never flashy, nothing special, but reliable. I picture him being better than this, but its still not a bad 'at worst' situation.

Realistic Comparison - of all players I can think of, I believe Antonio Davis is the guy. I'm not quite sure Ed will have quite his gorilla-esk build, and should be a bit more efficient on offense, but everything else I see about Ed leads me to believe this is where he will end up. Good quality all around big man and starter. Occasional all-star. Mainly plays around the rim, but will hit a jumper if you leave him. Good defender. Good rebounder. No major weaknesses. Not a guy you build your team around, but the type of guy that will fit almost every situation and you can use when building your team. If this is what he can become the PF position is set for years.


As I said before I don't think Ed will ever be that clear cut stand out stud player. But at worst I picture him as a high minutes bench player, and at best a perennial all-star. I'm not sure he will ever be a good enough scorer to actually achieve that perennial all-star status (seriously Josh Smith is yet to make an all-star team) but I don't doubt he can make it once or twice and regularily be taken into consideration. Regardless, if he can become close to what I think (more efficient Antonio Davis), he could be the most complete (best?) big man this team has had to date. I wouldn't put him in an 'untouchable' category, but if this team even thinks about trading him the return needs to be very high. I very much picture him capable of being an (at peak season) 15-18pts, 10-12rbs, 2+ blks, 50%+ shooting, low turnover big man. And that to me is very promising.