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Where to begin....

NO ONE is taking Kleiza in a trade because he has a career threatening injury and 4 years left on his contract. Trading Amir AND Calderon for a player well past his prime, causes problems in the locker room last season, and a pick outside of the top 10 is a bad deal for the Raptors.

Keeping Bayless and drafting Kabongo is also probably not the best idea, unless you want a repeat of the TJ Ford/Calderon issue.

Keeping Bargnani is basically saying you're not making defense a priority and thus, are not trying to build a Championship team. And starting him ahead of Ed Davis, who will be a much better player by the time is ridiculous.

Other than that I don't have a problem.
Dwelling a little off topic here, but I'd still find the idea of signing a good free agent center interesting. We could put a line-up out in 2012/13 with a FA center, JV at PF (which might be a good idea anyway because he really needs to get stronger if he's the main inside 'battler', DD at sg. That would leave Bargnani, Johnson and/or Davis with some of our other players as trade chips for an acceptable pg or sf and/or draft pick while keeping a solid big man of the bench and we draft a sf or pg with our own high draft pick. I believe that's the fastest way to getting a real good competitive line-up. (And yes, I haven't mentioned Bayless as I'm not a believer).

If management decides to go another way and try out a line-up with Bargnani at PF and JV at center I'd be ok with that, but we can get real good real quick if we can get a good free agent center because we have some good assets.