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Thread: Change to draft order process

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    Solid points.

    The Minnesota example shows, in my opinion, that regardless of the draft process, poor decision and/or bad luck through injuries or players not performing to potential will trump all else. Getting 2 first round draft picks will not ensure teams make it back to the playoffs every 2-3 years but it most certainly would increase the likelihood. Picks still have to be made in real time. The current discussion is like buying a stock in hindsight - imagine picking up AAPL today at 1990's prices. Or, back to basketball, picking Boozer in the 2nd round of 2002 knowing what we know today.

    As the original article stated, this is pretty much a moot point as this is probably at the bottom of the negotiation priority list.

    The discussion has, however, helped me kill day 53 of the lockout!
    I guess my point is that teams can go from bottom feeders back to the playoffs in 3 seasons now under the current system but you have to make the right decisions. Oklahoma went from bottom 5 team in the league to a top 5 team in the league in that time frame, and they did it with great drafting and intelligent management. Portland has built successfully through the draft. Chicago capitalized on their two high picks in 2007 and 2008 and walked away with Rose and Noah. It can be done.

    I have no sympathy for teams like Golden State who draft miserably and can't break into the playoffs because of it. They wasted two #9 picks on Ike Diogu and Patrick O'Bryant in successive years, and have another potential bust looming in Ekpe Udoh who they used a sixth overall pick on. Plus let's not forget them trading away one of their best players in Jason Richardson straight up for the eighth overall pick in 2007, all so they could waste in on Brandan Wright's corpse. Three seasons later and Wright is probably done in the NBA. Like I said, these teams are getting the opportunities but they're just not making good decisions. In my opinion, they shouldn't be rewarded for this.
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