Let's just say the lockout ends by February, who do we want to see in Raptors forum consider some of the players may not make it back (Weems, Barbosa, Linas Kleiza [injured], Valanciunas [overseas]).

Our current roster is
James Johnson/
Ed Davis/Amir Johnson
Andrea Bargnani/Solomon Alabi/J.Dorsey

We need a backup SG, backup SF, third string C, and a third string PG.
- I say we sign Keith Bogans for one year so we wait Barbosa and Weems come back for the 2012-13 season.
- I say we sign Goran Dragic to a two year contract, he has proven he can be a legit backup PG and played well for the Suns
- As for our SF, we should let BC do his magic, he will get us a Jamario Moon 2.0, I think Jeff Adrien sounds good to me
- As for our C, we can sign Nazr Mohammad to a one year contract, the 87 year old C can still play and never seem to withdraw himself from the league, he's a good serviceable backup C

Now our lineups are
J.Johnson/J.Adrien/L.Kleiza (let's hope he's healthy by Jan)
E.Davis/Amir Johnson/J.Dorsey