So back in 2004 at the pinnacle of the first Michael Vick craze(pre-dog killing saga) Vick signed $130M, ten year deal. Unfortunately for the Falcons and all those abused and killed dogs, Vick turned out to have some issues with animal cruelty. He was caught and punished by serving time in jail, having his $130M contract voided and losing out on millions more in endorsement money. Fast forward to 2009. Donvan McNabb, who is a class act, pulled some strings and got Vick a gig as a 3rd string QB in Philly. Unfortunately for McNabb, Vick's play in practice impressed the Eagles to the point where they kicked their franchise QB to the curb and felt more than covered moving forward with Kolb and Vick. Then came the 2010 season. Kolb gets rocked early on in the season, is forced to miss some games and Vick goes on to pretty much dominate the league. The Eagles then put the franchise tag on Vick and only a season after dealing their franchise QB they turn around and dealed their envisioned franchise QB of the future (Kolb) to the Cards. That brings us to this:

The National Football Post has learned that Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed on a new six-year contract through 2016 for $100 million.

Vick, who was carrying a Franchise tag Cap number of $16.2 million, will have his Cap number for 2011 reduced to $14.4 million.

Yahoo is reporting that there is "approximately $40 million guaranteed" on this new contact.

Wow. From sensation, to most hated athlete in America to sensation yet again. Does he deserve this? Do you look at him now the same way as before the whole dog fighting fiasco? Has he fully redeemed himself? Are you happy for him?