In his first few seasons, before he was one the most feared men in the NFL by QB's, Darrelle Revis posted some pretty stats for a defensive back. Since then he's become probably the most respected and fear defensive player in the league. It's gotten to the point where if your team is facing the Jets, you've already conceded that your top WR is going MIA, last seen entering the waters of "Revis Island"... A lot of QB's will choose to not throw his way and it's a smart tactic. I mean Tom Brady couldn't even beat the guy while throwing to a motivated Randy Moss. If things continue as they are in eight to ten years when Revis chooses to hang'em up he's going to be a man with an average to slightly above after stat line even though he dominated the game on a level few ever reach. We all know that a lot of HOF voters are swayed by stats and championships. When they look back at Revis there is a strong possibility that he has neither the dominate stat line, nor the hardware to make him a no brainer based on the "formula". So my question to you is do you feel Revis will be a first ballot inductee even if things continue like last season?

Revis is usually ignored in these run-and-gun games, made a non-person by an opposing offensive coordinator who would rather challenge Rex Ryan to a hot dog-eating contest than ask his quarterback to throw a ball anywhere near Revis' grill.

The cornerback has a chance to go down as the greatest Jet of all time, and yet the box score cuts against the grain of his extreme worth. Revis had no interceptions in 2010, not a single one. He knocked away a grand total of nine passes.

Quarterbacks control the game, and they almost always refuse to offer Revis a role in it.

"I really don't look at it as frustrating," he said. "I just look at it the guy whoever I'm covering, I just try to cover him the best I can. ... The only thing I can do is watch the guy in front of me.

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