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Thread: Doing 2 rumoured raptors trade before deadline

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    Default Doing 2 rumoured raptors trade before deadline

    Would you consider doing two trades that have been rumoured recently? (Both work in trade machine)

    Bynum - Bosh:

    To Lakers:

    To Raptors:

    Calderon - Martin

    To Kings:

    To Raptors:
    Kevin Martin

    New Raptors:

    Personally I think Bynum and Bargs could be very good together. With Bargs defensive improvements, our interior defense and rebounding is much improved. Offensively the inside-out attack with Bargs-Bynum could be dominant for the next few years. With Bynum, the Raptors are a more traditional team with a legit Centre and Bargs is in his natural position. Our lack of perimeter D could possibly be offset by our much improved inside D.

    The point guard position will be weak with Jack and Farmar but this could allow Turk to become a primary ball-handler like he was in Orlando. Farmar can hit threes just as Jameer Nelson did. Finally Kevin Martin could even come off the bench and play 30 min/game as a sixth man, which would allow him to do what he does best (score the ball) and be less a defensive liability playing against the opponents' second unit most of the time.

    I included Derozen in the Kings deal as I assume the Kings would not do a Calderon-Martin deal straight up.

    I personally think the "New Raptors" could fare better than the current squad in the playoffs. What are your opinions??

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    Really? No
    I concider doing the LAL trade only if Bosh wont stick around, and we get a first rounder out of it.
    I do not give up Derozan to get Martin. Maybe if we get their 1st round pick (which wont happen).

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    To suggest Toronto would trade for Martin and have him "come off the bench and play 30 min/game as a sixth man" is rediculous. Not to mention I wouldn't expect Sacramento to make that trade.

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    Bosh for Byum is a desperation deal only if Bosh isn't re-signing. Toss in Odom and there's something to talk about.

    Calderon for Martin works straight up. Never give up DeRozan to get his "replacement" when the guy - K-Mart is hurt for 20-40 games every year! Martin might be great or always just be a tease who can't stay on the floor. K-Mart is possibly damaged goods - think JO risks.
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    Honestly I don't see Colangelo making a big splash coming trade deadline.

    It will probably be minor one and it won't involve Calderon, Jack, Turkopizza, Bosh and Bargnani.

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