Even though I don't hold a lot of value to the opinions of these bloggers (by which I mean, not more than my own opinions), I do think you left out some parts of the quotes.

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that is arguably one of the better offers made, from a Hornets fan.... and that is only IF both existing PFs decide to leave. Pretty much its "we'll take him off your hands if we have a giant hole to fill and think about giving you a guy with a cool name"
After your quote (see the post) the blogger follows with:

At that point, I would assume Colangelo would laugh and hang up the phone, but that is honestly the best the Hornets could do.
which means he values Bargnani more than the offer they could make. He also said:

Bargnani would not be a horrible fit with Emeka Okafor since he has range that stretches beyond the three point line and at least has the general size that Okafor lacks to make teams shoot over him on the defensive end.
Where you end your Lakers quote:

However, that’s not a very attractive package for the Raptors and if I were in their shoes I’d laugh at a proposal like that.

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so between Barg's two most comparable peers (Blatche and Frye), fans of both teams have said they have better value.
The Sun's man clearly says that Barngani is better than Frye, but that the Suns have many other needs more important than replacing Frye with Bargnani.

No offense, but it looks a bit like selective quoting.

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I see no point in, if he can't be moved by the time amnesty needs to be used, not taking advantage of a situation where his contract is off the books and creating more playing time for Amir and Ed. It is not worth the risk not to.
And this is where you differ at least from me in the way you view Bargnani. If I'm right you think along the lines of the win-share theories and see Bargnani as losing us games. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. I don't hold that theory in very high regard, considering the weird outcomes it gives (Ryan Anderson being more valuable than the finals mvp for one). I agree with most top 100 and other lists that have been published this summer that Bargnani is in the low end of the top 100 players in the league. Those lists also show something: even though Bargnani is, as one of these writers wrote "Like Dirk Nowitzki if Dirk wouldn't be any good," he is still in the upper half of the league and no, most teams aren't jumping at the chance to get a nr 80-100 player in the league regardless of whom it is and certainly not someone who doesn't fit everywhere (like I'd imagine Amir would). But lack of a bidding war is different from not having trading value.