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Skyrim but in whole continent and multiplayer? Asking me this? Are you serious? Haha, of course
I think I'll take a pass. I have no intentions of buying a new PC anytime soon and being that I took about a two year vacation from console gaming I have no intention of moving to the next gen anytime soon seeing how I'm two years behind most of you and if how Sony handled the PS2 is any indication there will be PS3 support for quite sometime yet. Not to mention that PS3 gaming is going to become very, very cheap as the backlog can be tackled via EB Games or Futureshop in the used section while spending under $20 and in some cases under $10 or $5 for many good games I have yet to experience (ie:I can get a brand new complete edition of New Vegas for $20 anywhere, digging really deep I saw a copy of Rainbow 6:Vegas at EB for $4... I wonder if you can still play multiplayer on that?)

On top of that, as an early adopter of the PS2 I ran into disc drive problems and as an early adopter of the Xbox 360 I was pretty much terrorized by the red ring fiasco... I'll let somebody else pay half a grand to pretty much beta test the next consoles for the next two years. Thanks.

All that said, I don't know, I'm not excited about ES Online anyway. I like adventuring by myself in that world. If I wanted a different experience I would go buy an MMO for my PC. I've played WOW and SWTO for about 20hrs a pop and it's not my thing.