Have any of you played Dark Souls? I had a little free time on the long weekend and so I tried it out. I quickly scanned a few reviews on my iphone, looking at the scores, and then checked out the box. It gave me that Elder's Scrolls kind of feeling, I bought it expecting something like Elder's Scrolls. I got it home, popped it in and started playing... It's not Elder's Scrolls. I died like ten times on the tutorial boss before I finally beat him. They start you off with a broken sword, a wooden shield that doesn't block all damage and send you on your merry way to your unknowing demise with nothing more than a few signs on the ground to help guide you. The sign I read before the tutorial boss told me Happiness was ahead. Yeah, it sure was, if you consider happiness getting slaughtered countless times in a early fight that's more difficult than most game's final bosses. Anyway, I'm hooked. I've died about 20 times in the two hours I've played the game but I can't quit. I know why this game is so popular. Pride. Your pride is literally crushed in the first half hour of the game and it is your quest to gather the fragments so that you no longer feel like a 80 year old man using a PC for the first time. People continue to play this game because they refuse to admit they weren't "man enough" to get through it.