Before I condemn Hedo as a total failure in all respects and spend hours on the ESPN trade machine trying to find a willing sucker, I mean suitor. I am willing to wait for the playoffs and see if he still has any Magic from last years run left in him. My cynical side says all that is left in him is a pizza crust graveyard.

Why is ESPN so confident of Bosh's imminent departure, if not from a trade then from free agency? Isn't that what they said about Vince and even he resigned. I have to believe if he is wililng to bolt, he is at least man enough to give Bryan a lil heads up around say the middle of February.

If we do end up trading Bosh, are we not essentially blowing the team up? Why not force whoever wants him so badly to take Turk's contract in return for the poo poo platter we will likely receive. Personally I think the best move is to hopefully move Calderon/picks/cash for a SG/SF like Butler or Kevin Martin, assuming of course they are being sold for 70 cents on the dollar. We go into the playoffs with a 6th seed and hopefully face a struggling Orlando, an injured Celtics team or Cavs team whom we seem to match up reasonably well against.

There seems to be only two viable options. Contend now by showing Bosh we are a legit contender and adding one more piece or trade Bosh for young talent and hope its pans out. Raptor nation has this naive notion that we can trade Bosh and still compete for that 5/6 seed. If Bosh leaves, we are back to the dark ages of trying to win the lottery.