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Orlando will use Utah as an example of what to do right with Howard. They will play the season out. If Orlando is not doing well, and Howard wants to leave, they will pull a trade to a team that has assets. If I was Orlando I would want the best chance to rebuild and unload some of my dead weight. That would include both Hedo and Gilbert.

I don't see Orlando taking Amir and Barbosa for Howard.. that's not enough. If you used JV, and our top pick in 2012 or 2013 then I can see it. If they needed to include Turk then that would be a NO. If they included Arenas then we won't have the assets to help make that deal happen - unless we introduce a 3rd team which makes this exponentially more difficult.

This is why I don't see this ever happening. I don't think Howard would want to play for a team like Toronto (not necessarily because of the location, and more so because we suck). I don't see Orlando wanting any of our assets and they would have a problem unloading Turk and/or Arenas. My guess is that LA will be front runner. They have the assets to swing a deal, and take on either Turk or Arenas.

NO may be able to take him as well...

Here is a potential NO/Orlando trade:

This way Howard can play with Paul. NO has some good draft prospects that they could use as well (eg, 2012 and 2013 picks).

Don't get me wrong though - I would love to see Howard in a Raptors uniform. I just don't see it happening. Plus in a new CBA they might get rid of the sign and trade. So any GM trading with Orlando would have be certain that Howard resigns as a FA or else that would be a stupid deal.

To put an optimistic spin on this though.. if the new CBA provides an amnesty clause, and Orlando is able to wipe out Arena's contract without much of a cap hit, then they wouldn't need to get rid of Arenas or Turk when trading Howard. This will give the Raptors a greater chance at the Howard sweepstakes, but I'm not convinced that he would want to come here. Orlando is a better team then the Raptors, and he seems to like it there.
i guess youre right, specially not after this - http://www.hoopsvibe.com/nba-news-an...a-and-montreal