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Thread: Your opinion of the NBA

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    Default Players are so pissed that they're going to make... Children pay?

    "The guys are going bananas," another agent with several star players said Sunday night.
    "They're being treated like employees," the slow-to-anger agent said. "And people who are treated like employees are 9-to-5ers. They punch the clock and they're out the door."
    Over and over in the last two weeks, I have heard the same refrain from players and agents, from big markets and small ones, max guys and minimum salaried guys. You can forget asking about community service work. You can forget asking for cooperation for NBA Cares. Basketball Without Borders? Don't even ask.

    "We're pissed! We're being treated like employees even though we share in none of the burden of the operating costs and have no financial investment in the organizations!

    Takes that local communities who support the teams which generates the revenues to pay us! Guess what? We're not helping you poor ass "9 to 5ers" anymore. We don't care if you buy all that crap we sell on T.V. which is made in sweat shops in China, shipped back to America and is helping to devastate our economy by taking away your jobs and shrinking tax money used for public programs! We don't care how much money we make off that sweat shop crap thanks to you!

    Foreign kids wanting to learn our game and who are looking for inspiration? Up yours!

    We don't care and we're soooo leaving this house when we're 18!"

    Did anybody else get this kind of feeling when reading this? Talk about a PR mess.

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    If they werent employees they wouldn't have a f'ing union

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