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I personally think the mass media has been waging war on Religion for a while now. Someone, somewhere is pushing their agenda but whatever. At the end of the day there needs to be a level of respect and tolerance in other people's beliefs. Whether you are a believer or non-believer.

Dustin Parkes sounds like a sad little man. He just needs to shut the hell up if all he can do is put a guy down for being comfortable in his beliefs. Josh Hamilton did not say anything offensive. Let him be. Parkes basically said "I respect Josh Hamilton for blah, blah, blah but I just hope no one minds me disrespecting him." Right. If you're going to be ballsy enough to write something like this then go all in, otherwise you sound weak. What about Religion is "reasonable" if you don't believe? This article is poorly thought out.
the only reason the article is "poorly thought out" is that it actually isn't.

you have to be so careful now a days or else shit will blow up in the media, you'll end up having to apologize, your bosses will succumb to the pressure and fire you, and even if they don't people will label the whole company as that of what one writer's opinions are.

the site will lose a ton of readers and probably shut down or may make one last ditch effort and fire you anyways. That's why you have to make your words soft and sweet and that doesn't even work sometimes.

The only way you can go all out and get away with it is if you put a disclaimer citing that "your opinions do not necessarily express the opinion of your company and other members of it."

it takes something that very few in the media still have and that's balls, even to say something like that.

How pathetic were those pussys that Don Cherry made fun of and filed a lawsuit that would not be cancelled without an apology!

I give the man props for what all men should have, but, cease to present and that's balls.